Professor David Price – Founder of OPC

Professor David Price is the founder and director of OPC (Australia and UK). He completed his medical degree at Cambridge University in 1984 and his general practitioner training in Norwich in 1989. David is Professor of Primary Care Respiratory Medicine at the University of Aberdeen, Scotland.

David is extensively involved in respiratory and allergy education and research throughout the world. His areas of interest are ‘real-life’ effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of interventions, clinical trial design, compliance, and patient attitudes toward their disease.

David is the founder and managing director of Research in Real Life in the UK and the Observational & Pragmatic Research Institute in Singapore. He has authored over 400 peer-reviewed publications and is responsible for approximately US$30 million in research and clinical development grants.

Team member Role
Thao Le Global Engagement and Recruitment Lead
Christopher Price Commercial & Legal Director
Victoria Carter Research & Operations Director
Sonia Diaz Contract and Project Administrator