Our unique model provides tailored feedback to the GP practices assisting with clinical improvement in a long-term relationship. We provide a range of tools such as:

  Assist with patient review

  Identify high-risk patients

  Provide template forms as a guide to ease the completion

  Support and ease an optional clinical audit

Through our successful and long standing relationship with primary care, OPC now has over 5 million de-identified patients within our database, OPC research database, that is shared to us by our primary care network and is used in ethically approved real life research.

Data collection, audit and research

Our unique model provides tailored feedback to the GP practices based on the collection of clinical data from electronic patient records for ethically approved research purposes.

By collaborating with clinical, academic and industry partners, OPC drives a vision for the inclusion of real-life data into all aspects of medical research while informing the translation of research into clinical practice via new technologies and clinical services.

The audit will evaluate three depths of care provision by GPs to patients with asthma.

  1. Electronic Recording of Asthma Control
  2. Electronic Recording of Reasons for Poor Asthma Control
  3. Electronic Recording of Actions Targeting Reasons for Poor Asthma Control