Mastering Patient Care: Allergy and Asthma 2019 – RACV City Club

OPC Australia brought together a panel of world leaders in asthma and allergy management for this highly engaging and hands-on clinical skills education event worth 40CPD points, held at RACV City Club on the 12th of October.

See what our attendees had to say about their experience:

Great panel of experts with great time for questions.

 Hands on opportunity for Skin Prick Testing, Spirometry and FeNO, unlike other seminars.

 Panel discussions about asthma and allergic rhinitis were excellent and very informative.

 Well organised and well spread throughout the day.

 The program is very good and an important subject for general practice.

 Motivated, energetic and enthusiastic presenters with a great range of topics addressed.

 Each speaker gave insightful and different viewpoints to their area of expertise.

Key changes doctors plan on making to their practice:

“It is important to help patients understand their asthma and allergies better and to upskill them on how to manage flare-ups.”

“I will review all of my patients’ inhaler and nasal spray technqiues by asking them to bring their devices to consultations and demonstrate themselves.”

“I will refer my difficult to control asthma patients to specialists for consideration of newer biological agents.”

“For patients with allergic rhinitis, I will emphasise the role of saline spray.”

“I need to reinforce patients about the use of their Epipen early in an event of allergic reaction to prevent death.”

“I will make a differential diagnosis between asthma and COPD and to be aware of different management approaches.”

“I have a greater understanding of the mechanism of Thunderstorm Asthma and who might be at risk. I will consider starting inhaled corticosteroids ahead of the hay fever season in those predisposed who may have had difficulty with the last outbreak in November 2016.”

Educational Agenda

  • The essential toolkit for children with asthma
  • Lessons from thunderstorm asthma
  • Anaphylaxis management & prevention
  • Non-allergic & allergic upper airways disease management
  • Panel Discussion 1: When to draw the line. When to refer patients with asthma and allergy. Who really has severe asthma?
  • Panel Discussion 2: What do we mean by Allergy in the era of biologics? With a focus on dermatology, rhinitis and respiratory
  • Workshop 1: Skin Prick Test
  • Workshop 2: FeNo
  • Workshop 3: Spirometry
  • Workshop 4: Practice Audit Report
  • Workshop 5: Devices. Lessons from CRITIKAL. Practical ‘hands on’ with devices
  • Group Activity: Case Study


Local and International Experts

Thank you to our panel of international and local experts who presented the latest research relating to the diagnosis, management and treatment of asthma, allergic rhinitis and associated conditions including food allergies, anaphylaxis and thunderstorm asthma.

With special thanks to our sponsors: