Mastering Patient Care: Allergy and Asthma 2019 – Queensland Cricketers’ Club

OPC Australia brought together a panel of world leaders in asthma and allergy management for this highly engaging and hands-on clinical skills education event worth 40CPD points, held at the Queensland Cricketers’ Club on the 19th of October.

See what our attendees had to say about their experience:

The speakers were very relatable and covered important topics.

 Excellent coverage of thunderstorm asthma and how it occurs.

 Great venue, very well organised with very relevant workshops.

 Plenty of take home messages that can be applied immediately in daily practice.

 Very interactive day with lots of time for questions.

 Optimum Patient Care is conducting lots of positive research.

Key changes doctors plan on making to their practice:

“I will use spirometry more frequently, investigate and manage allergic rhintis, discuss allergy workups with patients and educate them not to overuse Ventolin.”

“Patients must be followed up with regularly. I should always review inhaler techniques at every visit.”

“I will use allergy skin prick testing to start a workup of what allergies a patient may have. I will discuss home hygiene in regards to house dust mites and animal dander if needed.”

“I will make sure that every patient has an asthma action plan.”

Educational Agenda

  • The essential toolkit for children with asthma
  • Lessons from thunderstorm asthma
  • Anaphylaxis management & prevention
  • Non-allergic & allergic upper airways disease management
  • Panel Discussion 1: When to draw the line. When to refer patients with asthma and allergy. Who really has severe asthma?
  • Panel Discussion 2: What do we mean by Allergy in the era of biologics? With a focus on dermatology, rhinitis and respiratory
  • Workshop 1: Skin Prick Test
  • Workshop 2: FeNo
  • Workshop 3: Spirometry
  • Workshop 4: Practice audit report
  • Workshop 5: Devices. Lessons from CRITIKAL. Practical ‘hands on’ with devices
  • Group Activity: Case Study


Local and International Experts

Thank you to our panel of international and local experts who presented the latest research relating to the diagnosis, management and treatment of asthma, allergic rhinitis and associated conditions including food allergies, anaphylaxis and thunderstorm asthma.

With special thanks to our sponsors: