Acute Respiratory Care: Times of Change

The biggest changes in respiratory care in decades was streamed live at our upcoming virtual symposium on the 6th of June 2020.

Now you can watch the highlights of interactive discussions with a panel of national and international experts examining key topics including the management of COVID-19, bushfires, asthma, COPD and allergy.



To enhance your learning, it will be beneficial to look at the below documents of the webinar.
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Air Time 2020 - Introduction


Marks on Bushfires

Bushfires and air pollution: Protecting lung and general health

Price on Coronavirus

Coronavirus: Asthma & COPD: Lessons from around the world

Asthma Guidelines

Preventing acute asthma: How best to manage from mild to severe, what are the guidelines now telling us?

Harvey on Rhinithis

It’s not ‘just’ hay fever: Hay fever and COVID-19

Asthma Case Studies

Case study activity: Asthma Clinical Audit

Q&A Asthma

Q&A Asthma

Hancock on COPD

COPD self-management: The role of the GP and telehealth


Case study activity: COPD Clinical Audit

COPD Case Studies

Case study activity: COPD Clinical Audit

COPD Audit

Case study activity: COPD Clinical Audit

Usmani on Devices

Making the match: Which device for which COPD patient

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